You’re crazy! You’re not really doing this, are you? Come on, where are you really living? These are the reactions I regularly hear from friends, family and co-workers. My reply is always, “Yes, I am absolutely doing it.” As I became accustomed to being asked these questions, one particular thought crossed my mind.

Why is this so baffling to everyone, yet so very clear to me?

My boss didn’t understand why I was doing it and I thought to myself, “He’s a very smart business man, but he’s not looking at my life from a business perspective. Unfortunately, over the past decade, I wasn’t either. At that moment, I realized I needed to think of myself as a corporation of one.

Are you saying that I’m a business?

Absolutely! Think about it. You have assets (car, house, jewelry, etc.). You have costs (food, clothing, rent, mortgage, bills). You have sales, when you are at work, your employer is paying you for your time and service. When you applied for a job or asked for a raise, you were essentially selling yourself.

So what am I supposed to do now?

Pretend you are an investor interested in buying some shares of [your name here], Inc. Take a look at the income statements and balance sheets for the past several years. How do the numbers look? Have you been profitable, or is the number in the debt column continuously increasing? I can certainly tell you my financials would scare potential investors, even though from the outside, the business of me probably looked pretty darn good. Once you have reviewed your financials in detail, ask yourself this question:

Is it time for a new CEO? Is it time for a different . . . me?