Easily the best purchase I’ve ever made. When an object brings this much joy, the price doesn’t even matter. In this case, it was a 2005 Ducati Monster I purchased in 2008. But before we dive in, let’s go back another seven years. 2001, I’m 18 years old and my dream machine is the Ducati 748. A close friend of mine is selling his, and I want it! The price is $7,000 so I need to borrow $3,000 from my parents, which they agree to lend me.

I’m getting a Ducati 748! This is incredible!

But when the time comes to pick up the bike, they change their mind on the loan. Now I could not borrow the money and told I have to wait till I move out before getting a bike. What a horrible feeling. My dream was over, and now I had to let my friend know. It was pretty embarrassing.

“Hey, I’ll buy your bike. Whoops, sorry now I can’t.”

What makes this story even worse, two years later, my younger brother decides he wants a motorcycle. Not only is it perfectly okay, but my parents offer to let him take the seats out of the minivan to go pick up the bike and haul it home. What the?!

Fast forward to 2008, still no Ducati. My bank account is drained due to the recent purchase of a townhouse. Summer is coming and I desperately want a bike. This time though, I am going to get it. But where am I going to get the money? I could sell something, something valuable, like my car! It’s the perfect plan. I’ll sell the car and use the money to buy the bike.

What are you going to do in the winter? How will you get around?

Not a problem! I live a mile from work, so I’ll just walk in the snow or ride my bicycle. If I need to run to the store, I’ll hitch a ride with my close friend and roommate. Problem solved!

I have to throw in a quick and funny side story:

My roommate and I are in his SUV heading to the grocery store. Weather is cloudy with steady rain. The light turns green and we make the slow left turn into the parking lot. Bam! The minivan in front of us stopped, but my friend doesn’t notice and slams into the back of him at about 10 mph.

Wait, wait, that’s not the best part!

His sandal gets stuck under the brake pedal and he panics. When he finally gets his foot out, he steps on the gas instead of the brake, and slams into the van again even harder! BAM! It was bumper cars in the grocery store parking lot. Everyone was fine, except I had to use all of my focus not to burst out laughing and maintain a serious face because I new he was upset.

Back to the bike story. I need to sell my car so I can buy this bike!

Turns out my cousin is in need of a good car, so he buys the Honda Accord from me and I’m off to the Ducati dealer.

Ducati Monster and Dom

I spot this little gem in the corner. A mint 2005 Monster with only 189 miles. It’s loaded with expensive aftermarket parts, making it a great deal. The price tag is $9,000 and I only have $6,000 from selling the car. Easy fix, just finance the rest. And that’s what I did. The ride home from the dealer was magical. Now I’ve got no money, no car and a new monthly payment, yes! As crazy as it sounds, it was all worth it. The amazing journeys I’ve experienced on this bike have been priceless. Worth every penny. I’ll never sell this bike.