“No way! Really?! I did that too!” I said to Hector as his dad took the Windstar for a quick test drive.

They arrived at the meeting spot in an older pickup truck just shy of 7 pm. I greeted them, then stepped back while Hector jumped in the van.

In case you were wondering, I had put the seats back in and returned the van to stock form prior to their arrival.

After taking a look around, he leaned out the window and said,

“Do you mind if I drive it real quick?”

Two minutes later he returned, put the van in park, and hopped out while his dad got in the drivers seat. I could tell by his facial expressions and the tone of his voice that he was excited.

“Would you take $460?” he asked.

“Sure, I’ll do $460”, I said. (It was up on Craigslist for $500)

“Great!” said Hector. “This will be perfect. I’m going to pull the back seats out, throw a bed in the back and drive it to California.”

You can image my surprise when I heard this. “I had a bed in the back!” I told him. “You can have it if you want.”

Thanks to Hector, the legend of the 98′ Ford Windstar continues on. Such a great van. I wish I could have kept it, but I guess you can’t have everything can you.