After measuring the new van, I realized the bed frame wouldn’t fit. Modifications would be required. This got me thinking,

“Should I use the same setup again in the new van, or try something different?”

The more I thought about it, the more I became intrigued with trying something new. The bed frame and mattress use the entire rear of the van and only allow two passengers. Plus it looks a bit strange when I open the back door in a public area, drop the van off at an auto repair shop or even just take someone new for a ride.

“Maybe I can sleep sideways across the middle row seats.”

The interior width is long enough for me to fit comfortably. Cutouts in the panels above the passenger headrests are perfect for holding the front curtain rod. The same style cutouts above the middle row seats hold another curtain rod to block the back view. Small curtains on the side windows make it completely private.

What about the window tints? I thought you were doing that instead of curtains?

Oh yeah, that didn’t work too well. The tint folds over on itself which instantly ruins it. But the real issue was after I applied it, I could still see through fairly easily. The box says 5% limo dark, so I’m not sure what happened. Not a big deal, I lost a little bit of money. At least I didn’t pay hundreds for a professional to do it and have the same visibility problem.

I’m extremely happy with the new setup so far! I can take it down or put it up in about 60 seconds. During the day I’m driving around in a normal looking minivan both inside and out. The curtains and bedding can easily be stored in the far back to accommodate more passengers. From the outside it’s even more stealth now because you can see through the back windows. Only the two side door windows are blocked.

Driving mode = curtains hidden

Sleep mode = curtains up

The next goal is to make the bed even more comfortable with a better memory foam pad.