I want you to think of the most recent, large purchase you made. Was it that big screen TV? Perhaps the new car you recently drove home? Whatever your item may be, you most likely paid for it by credit card, check or cash. You examined the price, decided you could afford it and swiped the card. Congratulations! You just bought something with your money. Or did you?

Of course I did, what else would I have bought it with?

Time. Believe it or not, everything you have ever purchased, was paid for with time. More specifically, your time. Money just acts as a middleman between your time and what you buy. Unless you possess special powers, you probably aren’t walking around town with time in your pocket, so you carry money instead.

I’m a bit confused. What does this mean for me?

When your paycheck gets deposited, you see your balance increase instantly. That’s great! Isn’t it? Not really, because it is misleading. That money actually took 40, 80, 120+ hours of your time to aquire. Yet, when standing in front of that amazing “must have”, we quickly forget the time spent working and only consider the number in our account. The next time your hand is hovering over your card/wallet, think about how much time, how many hours, you are really paying with.


My apartment view cost roughly 2,000 hours