Women and cars. Those are the first two things that pop into my head when I hear the phrase “high maintenance”. A vintage Jaguar fits the car category and a girl like Kim Kardashian most likely requires a lot of maintenance. But there are other subjects that have maintenance costs as well. Your business, family, house, boat, pets. Every functioning thing has an operating cost.

How much does it cost to run you?

After analyzing your own expenses, you will find that only a small fraction is truly necessary. The other, larger portion is made up of unneeded luxuries. But what if they make you happy? What’s wrong with that?

I call it “temporary happiness”.

You know the excitement you feel when you bought that pair of shoes, or how about the watch you recently acquired. Before the purchase, it was all you could think about. Afterwards, you couldn’t be happier. A few months later, it becomes just another “thing”. Beyond 5 months, you’re bored and it’s time to go shopping again.

Your unnecessary spending is holding you back from what you truly want.

“Okay, but how do I know what I ultimately want in life?” This question is not always easy to answer. I like to think of a particular time or event where I felt completely satisfied. You will know because your mind becomes very relaxed, free from thought, concern, stress and confusion. Free from want and desire.

“For me, it’s total freedom.”

Heading into the mountains of Arizona.

November of 2009. I was retired and living in Arizona with my Grandpa. My first ride through the mountains to a town called Sedona was absolutely incredible. The roads were smooth, the scenery was amazing and the bike was running perfectly. As I turned around to head home, the sun began it’s descent. An hour or so later it was pitch black. Just myself, a two lane road and the bike rumbling through the middle of the desert. Nothing and nobody around for miles. At one point, I turned my head and looked up at the stars. They were so clear, so bright; thousands of them. I had everything I could possibly want.

That was one of my moments.