Work phone, emails, hours (7am-5pm Monday-Friday), schedules, appointments, meetings;

all gone.

Nobody’s looking for me, wondering where I am, when I’ll be back, waiting for me to respond to emails.

It’s absolutely fantastic.

September 29th being my last day of employment, October consisted mostly of visiting friends I haven’t seen in several years. Most of them are busy now with work and kids.

I picked up a few driving jobs, which I love to do.

One delivering motorcycles from Chicago to St. Louis and back. Another bringing a Porsche transmission from Chicago to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I decided to completely change the van interior.

I was sleeping horizontally on the second row seats, and it was just too uncomfortable. My feet would hit the door. When I tried to stretch out, my head would push against the hard plastic of the door on the other side.

So I ripped everything out.

Got rid of seats except driver and passenger. Then picked up a nice Coleman camping cot for $75 that sits about fifteen inches off the ground. It’s a twin size. Now I store everything under the cot, yet still have plenty of room along the side to hang my feet (about eighteen inches). It’s low enough that I can sit without hitting my head on the ceiling.

This is by far the best arrangement I’ve had and I’m loving it.

I removed all curtains except for behind the front seats. One inch thick black foam was cut to fit the windows perfectly. The foam quickly press-fits against the glass and stays up by itself, completely blocking out the windows. The look is so much cleaner than curtains and feels more spacious inside.

inside van

inside van


Stay tuned for my adventure driving to Arizona!