If being wealthy and having expensive things wasn’t important to me, how in the world did I end up here? Very little savings, several nice toys and some debt. Actually, make that a lot of debt if you consider the mortgage. Trying to “fit in” wasn’t why I bought a nice car or motorcycle. Although, I admit, cruising down the street with everybody watching has crossed my mind.

So why did you buy these expensive objects?

I appreciate nice stuff. I’m intrigued by how something is made, the hours that go into it and what makes it better than the rest. Details excite me, and learning all about them is fun and fascinating. I save up some money, find something I like, and buy it. My account balance drops down, I save up again, buy something else, and repeat.

So far I’m not seeing any real problems here. What’s wrong with having some nice things?

Nothing really. I mean, what’s the point of working hard if you can’t enjoy it, right? Definitely true, but buying things just because you want them, like I was doing, will take you down a beautiful road eventually leading to a dead end. “Stuff” requires a lot of work, and work requires a lot of time. Somehow my life became busy and full of responsibilities weighing me down. Did someone force this on me?

No, it was me. I did it to myself.

Dom on Lake Michigan

Life is amazing in that you can find happiness in the simplest of things, if you just open your eyes and look.